LOTRO Gold Farming Guide

Are your gold reserves running dry? You can’t find the time to attend to some raids for some gold? Don’t know where to get some gold? If that is the case then do not despair, there are many like you. Lucky there are things out there that can help you, like a LOTRO gold farming guide. A guide such as that can be the answer you have been looking for.

I am going to demonstrate how a LOTRO gold farming guide can help you by writing one here. The spot I’m about to share with you has been one of my favourites and used it with success many times. The only down side is that the mobs are level 46-47, but I don’t think that will be a problem with the extra ten levels we got with the Moria update.

The spot in question is called ONGBISHUK, it’s an orc camp south-east of Angmar, just North of Gabilshathur. Pretty easy to get to. They usually are in groups so you have to be prepared to fight 2-3 at the same time, besides that there are some who roam as well, a safe spot where you can kill them would be that pile of tree trunks on the left as you enter the camp. The mobs there are Blogmal Skirmisher (ranged), Blogmal Defiler (caster/healer type), Blogmal Warrior (melee, they disarm). You can find more details about them in a LOTRO gold farming guide. The trick is which mobs to kill, for example, don’t attack one melee orc and one caster one, unless your a good damage dealer, the melee orc will disarm you while the other one will heal like crazy. You can attack a skirmisher and a warrior at the same time, just make sure you don’t let the skirmisher use his bow. The spot has a 3-4 minutes respawn rate, so if you go there when level 45 or 46, if you are careful, you can make loads of XP too.

After about 1 hour of killing you should have, depending on how fast you can kill and how many have you killed, about 400 silver pieces and 4 bags full of loot. The item would be Orc Campaign-medallions (reputation item), War-master’s Lashes (reputation item), Legendary Pages, Beryls, Undeciphered Moon-letters, Long-lost Second Age Texts, Single Use Recipes and some yellow items plus some trash loot. Depending, again, on how many you have killed, you should make around  2.5 gold if you put the items on the AH for sale. The trash loot gets sold to a NPC merchant of course. The mobs being orcs, can also drop purple stuff too, so that means more gold for you.

I hope this will help, even though it wasn’t as detailed as a LOTRO gold farming guide can be, I’m sure it will still help. I have to repeat this, I killed there with a ranger and got those drops, if you have a better class than mine, then the reward will be greater than mine and vice versa. A few good hours of farming there and you’ll be alright to buy whatever you want.