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    Related American Challenges!

    President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, in describing a variety of challenges, this nation, faced, inside years, coming – up, – to, and including World War II, declared, as part of his first Inaugural Address, in 1933, The only thing we will need to fear is fear – itself. It seems, today, it is important, the united states should be fearing, will be the escalation inside the number of hate – crimes, against various ethnic, racial, and religious groups! Although, under – the – surface, there has always been, some prejudice/ bias, and, even, hatred, many of us, predominantly, remember, several, localized groups, for example Ku Klux Klan, John Birch Society, etc. During America’s involvement, in this war, we witnessed, perhaps, the highest shame, as being a nation, inside the 20th Century, if we placed, a great number of Japanese – Americans, in internment camps! Although, many people, love to proceed, with, a diploma of revisionist history, and, conveniently, disregarding, it took, a Civil War, to grant freedom, to slaves (people – of – color), and near another century, after – that, to generate the landmark, Civil Rights Law, portion of the law, of the land! We also, shamelessly, treated, and continue, treating, Native – Americans, as 2nd – Class citizens! With, that planned, this article attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 current, hate – related, challenges, the United States, faces, today.

    1. Anti – semitism: We are, often, reminded, that anti – semitism, in america, carries on, bear – its – ugly – head! It seems, whenever, someone, believes/ perceives, he’s being mistreated, etc, Jews end up being the scapegoat! Even, as soon as the atrocities in the Holocaust, we continue, witnessing, neo – Nazis, who make use of anti – Jewish slogans, in addition to symbols, of hatred, for example the swatztik, and also attacks on certain individuals, for their religion!
    2. Systemic racism: Those, declaring, systemic racism, doesn’t exist, inside United States, they’re, either, in – denial, and/ or, burying – their – head, from the sand! We witness this, in, nearly, every facet of life, and government, including, apparently, police/ police officers, how Courts treat people, professions and payments, etc. How often, have we witnessed, somebody, shot, or killed by police, apparently, for, being – Black?
    3. Xenophobia: How many atrocities, etc, have we witnessed, within the name of, xenophobia? Fear of foreigners/ outsiders, will not excuse, hate crimes!
    4. Vitriol/ polarizing rhetoric: Many believe, haters are becoming, entitled and enabled, through the reckless rhetoric/ vitriol, with the former, President with the United States, Donald Trump! His statements, about, those, trying to immigrate, etc, together with several other, minority groups, and attracting polarization, and adversarial relationships, rather than trying to bring – people, together, to the greater good, to realize, some type, of meeting – of – the – minds, seems to have made, the amount, and harshness of hate – related, crimes, far – worse!
    5. The politics of hatred: The politics of hatred, looks like it’s, a calculated strategy, and action, used, by certain politicians, who feel, it serves their personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest!

    Wake up, America, and prioritize, unifying, for that common good, instead of, permitting, this rise in, hate – related incidents! If, for no reason demand this, our nation, will miss its right, to declare, we are a symbol of rights and freedoms, etc!