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    When Voters Lose Faith In Elections

    After, nearly two – and – a – half centuries, the experiment, our Founding Fathers, attempted, of producing a Republic while using Democratic freedoms, rights and liberties, guaranteed by our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and subsequent Amendments, are now being tested, and appearance, at – risk, predominantly, since several, have lost faith inside our willingness and power to consistently, produce fair elections and votes! This is, neither, a different challenge, nor a straightforward one, to end! There are many factors involved, including: political rhetoric; conspiracy theories; errors and mistakes; and also the complicated, complex one, including, whether, we must keep the Electoral College, as – is, tweak, plunge to a popular vote, or switch, thoroughly, into a parliament – type approach. With that in mind, this document will attempt to, consider, examine, review and discuss, these factors, and possible ramifications and solutions.

    1. Political rhetoric: When politicians along with their supporters, make use of using rhetoric, claiming voter fraud, etc, without evidence, it makes a major obstacle to keeping our nation strong! Who do they represent, individuals who they are elected for everyone and represent, or prioritizing, their personal / political agenda, and/ or, self – interest? When a significant minority believes unfounded theories (with little, to no evidence), isn’t that a prospective threat?
    2. Errors and mistakes: There is such – a – thing, for an honest error! Unfortunately, however, when errors occur, regardless of whether discovered before it impacts results (including the recent NYC Mayor race), it feeds, the conspiracy frenzy, etc.
    3. Popular vote, versus Electoral College: The original reasoning, behind utilizing the Electoral College, was our Founders, believed, few were educated, enough, for making responsible decisions, operating out of an informed – manner! Another reason was linked to the challenge, linked to counting popular votes, within a timely, accurate, trusted manner. Unfortunately, even, then, there is probably a desire by a few powerful individuals, to keep up most of the control and power. There was also, concern, which a few, larger states, could have, an excessive amount, Voice, in National elections. However, since, the start this century, we’ve witnessed, several occasions, when candidates, with fewer popular votes, were, thus, elected President!
    4. Is our bodies the best, most viable and/ or, efficient one, with this country?: Would we make use of using a Parliamentary system, where, we elected Representatives, and in addition they elected the President?

    With, so little, achieved, in Congress, so much mistrust, are you able to bring Americans together, with the greater good? We must resolve, areas facing our electoral process, sooner, instead of later!