Debunking 5 Political Myths/ Lies

Why do a lot of Americans, apparently, equate their opinions, wishes, or desires, with real facts? If you are like a great many others, chances are, you will be, sick – and – tired, of constantly, listening to countless people, who express their opinion, and/ or, that relating to some politicians, or people in the media, to be, reality! One might believe, the guy can change someone’s minds, by showing them, the veracity, but, unfortunately, normally, many appear to refuse to take into account, anything, which doesn’t directly, align, with reality! With, that under consideration, this article attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, 5 political myths/ lies, and try to, dispute, and/ or, debunk, them.

  1. Trump won/ Stop The Steal/ January 6th wasn’t a threat!: Although, the fact of the 2020 Presidential election, was, Trump lost the election, by over 7 million popular votes, through a significant amount, within the Electoral College, and, as soon as the former President’s over – 60 legal challenges, and lots of recounts, rather then demonstrating, the election, was stolen, clearly indicated, it turned out as fair, as probably, possible, he, and his awesome core supporters, continued claiming, it turned out stolen! Then, following your storming on the Capitol, on January 6th, where, many videos, clearly, showed, a transparent, danger, through the insurrectionists, chanting threats, they resorted to make an effort to use, revisionist – history, to, minimize the events, even refusing, to consent to, a bipartisan commission, to look into, and, hopefully, prevent this, from occurring, again! Doesn’t it, seem strange, this behavior, and perspective, still exists, over 7 months, following election, inspite of the clear – cut, evidence/ proof, and, numerous, always cling – to, these distorted beliefs?
  2. Voting Rights battle: For a nation, which states, proudly, we’ve got the fairest system, associated with voting rights, etc, don’t you think seem, contrary, for the refusal, of several public officials (nearly, every, elected Republican), to dicuss – out, against the straightforward attempts, made, by a number of states, to really make it more difficult for a few, to vote? The recent, refusal, from the Senate, to take into account, clear legislation, to handle and consider, these attempts, with the filibuster, is, little – more, when compared to a strategy, to restore more difficult, for anyone, more probable, to opt for Democrats, so as to!
  3. Gun safety controls/ Common sense: Since, we register cars, and require drivers licenses, don’t you think make sense, to perform, so, for the very – least, regarding gun ownership, etc? Why would anyone, need, an assault weapon? Shouldn’t one, who wishes to own a gun, be needed, to pass through, a history check, and demonstrate, she has the proficiency/ skills, to address one, safely? Some, rather, make an effort to wrap – themselves, up, with what they claim, for being the 2nd Amendment, focusing, about the part, which, states, The right to bear arms, although, they do not, mention, it called state’s rights, to safeguard themselves, against foreign threats, having a militia! Isn’t it high time, we used sound judgment? How many more must die, before perform something?
  4. Infrastructure issues: More over a dozen nations, use a far – better, infrastructure (fewer issues, and challenges), than, ours! Many areas of this nation, have deteriorating, roads, bridges, and tunnels, especially, in some from the older, larger cities! We must address, both, the traditional, challenges, and also relevant, sustainable ones, in the future (for instance, more – widespread, access to your Internet, in spite of one’s income, etc)!
  5. Climate Change/ Environment: How does it help generations to come, to, simply, deny, the contests, involved, and, need to deal with Climate Change realities, sooner, in lieu of later? Isn’t it our responsibility, to our children and grandchildren, to exit a planet, with climate and water? Yet, many politicians, don’t consider, taking any action, even though it is needed, and overdue!

Wake up, America, and demand, those your elect, are responsive to uncomplicated, needs, priorities, etc, rather then their perceived, personal/ political agenda, and/ or, self – interest! Although, we are going to always, witness some, who prefer to limit their experience facts, everyone else, cannot permit that, to overwhelm our nation, in to the future!

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