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    Plastic T-shirt bag making machine

    1.Plastic bag making machine is suitable for high density polyethylene (HDPE), the low density gathers alkene (LDPE) plastic film material.which is produces the plastic film to flat bag,
    2. the performance of Plastic bag making machine is stable, the back cover is reliable, is the large, medium and small processed foods enterprise is most economical appropriately, bag sealing&cutting system equipment.
    Plastic bag machine with below parts and information:
    1.step motor or Japan servo motor
    2.machine with photo cell;
    3.produce flat open bag,patch bag and T-shirt bag;
    4.suit to use LDPE and HDPE film to produce plastic bag.
    polyethene plastic bag making machine
    Plastic T-shirt bag

    Plastic bag making machine technical Parameter :  
    Model: SHXJ-A600 SHXJ-A700 SHXJ-A800 SHXJ-A900 SHXJ-A1000
    width of sealing &cutting: 580 mm 680 mm 780 mm 880 mm 980 mm
    length of sealing & cutting: 700 mm 1200 mm 1200 mm 1400 mm 1600 mm
    speed of bag-making (pc/min): 240-400 240-400 60-100 50-100 40-100

    Kingdom Machine professional produce Blown film extrusion,plastic bag machine,bottom sealing machine,side sealing machine,plastic T-shirt bag machine for Ajman,jebel ali free zone,dubai,Sharjah United Arab Emirates (UAE).

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    Plastic Bag Making Machine

    1.Plastic bag making machine is suitable for high density polyethylene (HDPE), the low density gathers alkene (LDPE) plastic film material.which is produces the plastic film to flat bag, 2. the performance of Plastic bag making machine is stable, the back cover is reliable, is the large, medium and small processed foods enterprise is most economical appropriately, bag sealing&cutting system equipment.  Double Lines Plastic Bag making Machine Plastic bag making machine Technical Parameter :
    1.control by PLC
    2.machine with photocell,can make printed bag and unprinted bag
    3.suit to produce flat open bag,T-shirt bag,patch bag,rolling bag,garbage bag,trash bag.
    4.with account device
    5.speed control by inverter
    6.bag width from 10mm to 2000mm.

    plastic flat open bagplastic T-shirt bagTrash bag,garbage bag

    Kingdom Machine Co.,ltd 
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    How About America’s Future?

    The most ironic aspect, or former President Trump’s. Make America Great Again, slogan, was, perhaps, deficiency of agreement, regarding, what that meant, and, the impact, of utilizing, your message, again, within that statement! Using that, specific word, generally seems to imply, this nation is/ was, will no longer, great, and also, looking back, and seeing things, in black – and – white, revisionist thinking, believing, Happy Days, truly, occurred, in years past! Although, I find, many issues with this approach, and thought – process, anyway, disturbing and concerning, I believe, it serves a constructive purpose, to take into account, whether, there we were, actually, great, and, if, one of the past President’s actions and behaviors, produced difference, for that better, with this nation, and its particular citizens. With, that at heart, this document will attempt to think about, examine, review, and discuss, just what it means, with regards to our past, present, and future.

    1. Was it?: When considering, perhaps the nation, was great, it is important to contemplate, what meaning, in actual terms! Was this, in comparison to other nations, or even our Constitional guarantees, and/ or, all the different parts of our history? What, exactly, did our Founding Fathers, seek, since, many elements of their discussions, often, in – retrospect, are not appearing, consistently, honorable, etc? What period, do a little people, need to return to: founding to pre – Civil War; following that until the 1960’s; various decades, thereafter, etc?
    2. Is it, today?: Whether, were great, today, often, is determined by, who you are! How is it possible, to become great, when, we witness, a lot, systemic racism, in most aspects, individuals lives? Although, we’d like, to get, and feel, safe, and wish, professional, police/ policing, and meaningful laws (to defend, all). statistics indicate, people – of – color, are, often, treated, far differently! It seems obvious, better – off, financially, is, the greater, the judicial and legal systems, treat him! This may seem to be true, in several areas of the lives, including: housing; occupations; public safety and health; education, and educational quality; and health/ medical care bills!
    3. Future?: If, we have been to leave this planet, properly, to our children and grandchildren, we should, proceed, in a very truly, sustainable, proactive manner, especially, when it comes to, addressing, Climate Change ramifications, and environmental protections! We must insist, all of our so – called, protected rights/ freedoms, are viewed as, and enforced, instead of, merely, selectively! We will only, progress, in a very way, we end up needing, deserve, and really should be proud of, if/ when, we end the partisan politics, and seek, a celebration – of – the – minds, for your greater good!

    Wake up, America, and consider, what, greatness, really means as well as? Will you demand, better, and even more, from those, we elect, into your future?

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    When Voters Lose Faith In Elections

    After, nearly two – and – a – half centuries, the experiment, our Founding Fathers, attempted, of producing a Republic while using Democratic freedoms, rights and liberties, guaranteed by our Constitution, Bill of Rights, and subsequent Amendments, are now being tested, and appearance, at – risk, predominantly, since several, have lost faith inside our willingness and power to consistently, produce fair elections and votes! This is, neither, a different challenge, nor a straightforward one, to end! There are many factors involved, including: political rhetoric; conspiracy theories; errors and mistakes; and also the complicated, complex one, including, whether, we must keep the Electoral College, as – is, tweak, plunge to a popular vote, or switch, thoroughly, into a parliament – type approach. With that in mind, this document will attempt to, consider, examine, review and discuss, these factors, and possible ramifications and solutions.

    1. Political rhetoric: When politicians along with their supporters, make use of using rhetoric, claiming voter fraud, etc, without evidence, it makes a major obstacle to keeping our nation strong! Who do they represent, individuals who they are elected for everyone and represent, or prioritizing, their personal / political agenda, and/ or, self – interest? When a significant minority believes unfounded theories (with little, to no evidence), isn’t that a prospective threat?
    2. Errors and mistakes: There is such – a – thing, for an honest error! Unfortunately, however, when errors occur, regardless of whether discovered before it impacts results (including the recent NYC Mayor race), it feeds, the conspiracy frenzy, etc.
    3. Popular vote, versus Electoral College: The original reasoning, behind utilizing the Electoral College, was our Founders, believed, few were educated, enough, for making responsible decisions, operating out of an informed – manner! Another reason was linked to the challenge, linked to counting popular votes, within a timely, accurate, trusted manner. Unfortunately, even, then, there is probably a desire by a few powerful individuals, to keep up most of the control and power. There was also, concern, which a few, larger states, could have, an excessive amount, Voice, in National elections. However, since, the start this century, we’ve witnessed, several occasions, when candidates, with fewer popular votes, were, thus, elected President!
    4. Is our bodies the best, most viable and/ or, efficient one, with this country?: Would we make use of using a Parliamentary system, where, we elected Representatives, and in addition they elected the President?

    With, so little, achieved, in Congress, so much mistrust, are you able to bring Americans together, with the greater good? We must resolve, areas facing our electoral process, sooner, instead of later!

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    Unemployment Crisis

    After spending an entirely half-day inside the halls of IT firms and software companies, Rajat heads back in the evening simply to once again start his laptop to try to get more jobs and ensure upcoming interview dates. He has been accomplishing this for nearly couple of years. Rajat’s unemployment predicament isn’t his alone. All around the world within the last decade there was an ongoing global youth unemployment crisis.

    youth unemployment, unemployment rate
    Get busy living or get busy dying.

    The more educated that you are, the more expensive are the probabilities of unemployment. It seems controversial or against general wisdom however it is true.

    Who would be the “unemployed educated” youth? Where as well as when has this been a worry?
    There are 1.2 billion youth on the planet (between the ages of 15-24) – making up 17% from the world’s population. Among them, those who find themselves not in education, employment, or training however they are actively seeking work are understood to be an “unemployed” youth from the United Nations.

    Youth unemployment rates usually are higher than the adult rates in just about any country on earth. – Source

    Although the world economy has fairly grown within the last few two decades, youngsters today are unlikely to secure a decent job than labor market entrants in 1995. Economic growth has not yet translated into sufficient quantities of jobs creation, particularly for youth worldwide. According towards the International Labour Organisation (ILO) you will find 71 million unemployed youth worldwide.

    educated unemployment from 1995 – 2015, youth unemployment
    Youth unemployment rates 1995-2015

    This crisis is prevalent within developed in addition to developing countries. Graduates and youth with completed their secondary studies make-up most in the unemployed. Among the OECD (Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development) countries; in cities including Britain of United Kingdom; one in five the younger generation can’t find work. Those that do, are predominantly hired as being a temporary contractor or upon an internship basis – many of which are underpaid or unpaid. Hence, most are dependent on their parents until their late twenties. As a result, many graduates are questioning involve incurring large student debts for any degree that doesn’t give them a bonus in the employment market.

    graduate unemployment rate, youth unemployment

    Similarly, amidst developing nations including India, the incidence of unemployment increases with the increase in amounts of education. But when you are considering the issue of gender bias, it will become obvious that females face greater rates of unemployment as against their male counterparts across all educational categories. Additionally, south Asian women fail to work after secondary education because of cultural reasons.

    This is often a scenario where they want better education to acquire paid better but has to be paid preferable to access better education. e They need degree to bring in more cash but they want more money for obtaining a advanced schooling


    Causes of unemployment
    There are multiple reasons behind this crisis. The quality and relevance of education, inflexible labor market and regulations, which make a situation of assistance and dependency, the running economic slowdown in leading emerging countries for starters.

    The skill crisis
    The independent universities and institutes are made autonomy to make sure they may create courses and skills that meet the needs of the demands of industries – however, that will not be the case. In nearly all country, education isn’t tailored towards the needs from the labor market. This leads on the inability for younger people to find jobs and the lack for employers to engage the skills they require. Combined with the economic crisis as well as the lack of sufficient job creation in numerous countries it’s resulted in high unemployment rates around the world plus the development of a skills crisis. You can check out our previous article on unemployable engineers which highlights this skill gap very evidently from the case of India.

    As the International Commission for Financing Global Education Opportunities reported recently, about 40% of employers worldwide find it hard to recruit those with the skills they require.

    graduate unemployment rate, youth unemployment

    Inefficient labor markets and regulations
    Employers are wary of hiring full-time employees when they cannot be easily fired later if seen to be incompetent on account of a dangerous of employment protection.

    This has led on the upcoming boom of temporary varieties of work like internships, short-term contracts, and seasonal jobs containing created a precarious situation for young workers. This is because their efforts are temporary contracts and the youth would come to be the first to be fired when a company downsizes. And if they may be laid off, they may be not qualified for redundancy payments this can short period of time doing work for that company. Hence once that work well ends, they’d end up unemployed and disadvantaged inside the job search. Only to start again once more. However, some youth are entering work with a part-time basis during tertiary education. This minute rates are low in countries like Italy, Spain, and France but within the United States, almost one-third of students combine education and work.

    This has although brought forth the legitimacy associated with an internship. The purpose of internships is always to allow students or recent graduates to accumulate work experience and also a recommendation letter to raise their cv, then it may increase their probability of gaining a full-time employment offer. Many interns have however complained actually simply performing basic grunt-work, instead of learning important knowledge and skills. With virtually no job growth occurring, it remains to be the only viable replacement for job placement for that young individual.

    Assistance and dependency
    In some parts with the world, young adults’s power to engage and be economically independent is affected from the 2008/09 financial meltdown and, recently, using a slowdown in global economic growth. Hence to compliment unemployed youth income there’s help provided by countries worldwide. This is done till the labor market and economic conditions improve. But it’s faced severe flack as it can increase need for government assistance. Hence, certain governments are redirecting funding to targeted programs for increased learning and training opportunities. Also, many governments are encouraging youth being job providers as opposed to job seekers by making a nurturing environment for entrepreneurs and start-ups.

    Battling educated unemployment
    The crisis has triggered political unrest and increased public spending, a not enough innovation because of lack in talent influx and also a lost generation. Several possible solutions have been/can be implemented.

    A shift from fliers and other modes and ways of teaching is important. Reforms in Labor market policy and institutions to facilitate employment for youth: First, a far more balanced employment protection for permanent and temporary workers is required. It will ensure that young adults who lack work experience can show their abilities and skills to then progress to regular employment. Equal treatment between permanent and temporary workers ought to be encouraged.

    Second, some countries consider shifting their support from direct tax assistance to funding apprenticeship. Others are increasing their support tying it returning to stricter obligations of active search and training.

    Vocational education or technical training of youth prepare them for any specific job. Several countries and organizations are focusing on entrepreneurship amidst the OECD countries in addition to in G20 countries. Thus making the youth job creators instead of job seekers through small , medium enterprises. Additionally, be an aid to youth in transition to your work world by organizations including United Nations, etc and also an active participation and involvement of youth in political, community and economic fields have emboldened and empowered the educated youth to elevate above their predicament.

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    Blockchain Technology

    Start-ups moving towards blockchain technology in 2018!

    The first using blockchain technology containing gained the worldwide attention is Bitcoin, the primary digital currency. Blockchain results in a decentralized ledger which works into the network of smart contracts. The blockchain has the ability to provide high security when using the concept of public and private keys for authentication. That concludes blockchain technology works extremely well in any industry in which a value is exchanged. This technology has a great deal more applications than cryptocurrencies.


    It is undoubtedly an Estonian company. As smart contracts are definitely the giant element of the cryptocurrency and blockchain operations, Agrello hopes to revolutionize them

    It aims to mix legal documentation with artificial intelligence to make smart contracts towards the general public without comprehensive blockchain experience. Agrello’s creates an interface that permits users to only create his or her legally binding smart contracts above the Ethereum network. For this, they just don’t need to have extensive programming experience or legal knowledge.


    Elastos entered 2000. It targets developing a world wide web operating system which re-decentralizing the Internet with blockchain.It is creating a secure new operating-system (Dapps) that runs peer to look without centralized control. It will target make digital assets rare, recognizable and tradable.


    Everex promises to provide the opportunity to utilize services like fx, microfinance etc., towards the people who lack usage of standard banking institutions. They will make a platform using blockchain technology called “cryptocash”. Users can convert their local currency into cryptocash throughout the Everex platform. This cryptocurrency token will value equal to your specified fiat currency.


    Puregold established this season is becoming the 1st payment gateway employing a cryptocurrency based on gold. The name of the gateway called “PG_PAY”.This includes different payment terminals, Gold ATMs, and mobile money transactions with good security. Puregold’s team used the Ethereum blockchain technology and created an e-commerce gold business network of gold-supported crypt currency successfully

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    Nation Must FIND Its Way?

    Many, that have, consistently, been satisfied with, as a possible American, due to rights and freedoms, it represents, as well as the example, we’ve, previously, set, to the rest – of – the – world, feel, this lost – nation, has lost – its – way, and must, sooner, in lieu of later, FIND its way, while we are to restore, ourselves, to your land – of – the – free! There seems, to become, an increased degree of polarization, and division, today, than any time, in recent memory! In the past – four years, in the administration of President Donald Trump, we’ve got witnessed, an apparent effort, to stack – the – courts, selectively enforce freedoms, and rights, and appeal, to, xenophobia, as an alternative to providing, a sense unity! Many, including me, find this set – of – events, at – best, as concerning, and, at – worst, a definite, and provide danger, to your way, the united states proceeds forward, and considers, our Constitutional rights and guarantees! With, that in your mind, the following paragraphs will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, utilizing the mnemonic approach, what this implies and represents, and why it matters.

    1. Face facts; freedoms; future; furnish; fruition; feelings: We can’t succeed, unless, our public leaders, and elected officials, face – the – facts, in the realistic, focused way, and pursues, furnishing, the most beneficial – path, forward! We only benefit, if/ when, protecting and enhancing the whole freedoms, is often a top – priority! Instead of seeking, slogan – based, leadership, for instance, Make American Great Again, we’ve got to emphasize adopting the finest – possible, future, and bringing this greatness, to – fruition! Instead of, negatively, popular with negative feelings, wouldn’t our country benefit, when the priorities, emphasized, solutions, that have been relevant, and sustainable, in addition to viable?
    2. Integrity; insights; involve; inspire; ideology; ideals; ideas: Wouldn’t it be nice, if those, we elect, proceeded, with absolute integrity? What does america, stand – for, as we don’t protect, the conventional ideologies, and ideals, and involved, fairly, our citizens? Wake up, Americans, and proceed, with rational – insights, which inspire, and unify, rather then polarize, etc! Demand those public officials, think – outside – the – box, and introduce viable ideas, which can make us, better, plus more, align with all the nation, our Founding Fathers, envisioned!
    3. Needs; nerve: We’ll only advance, if/ when, those elected, proceed using the nerve, to proceed, with the open – mind, as opposed to the same – old, same – old, and sought to treat the needs, goals, perceptions, and priorities, of the, inside a fair, equitable manner!
    4. Delve deeply; deliberate; discover; details: We must begin, to think about the bigger – picture, as well as the best path, forward, delving – deeply, into your options and alternatives! While, timely action, is essential, it has to also be, well – considerate, careful, and deliberate! It is doing this, we’ll discover, the facts, and select, the best way, to offer the nation’s. and, all of our citizens, needs, etc!
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    Why We Need To Be Realistic

    Wake up, America, or you won’t be successful, as part of your quest to achieve, changes for that better! Whether, it relates to local, regional, national or international issues, unless/ until we begin looking at the bigger – picture, without wearing rose – colored, glasses, we will never upgrade on the same – old, same – old, ways! We must demand political leaders proceed, with pragmatic idealism, nothing, of consequence, will occur! With that in mind, this information will attempt to contemplate, review, examine, and briefly, discuss, how this relates, regarding, local, regional, state, national and international issues during the day, and challenges.

    1. Local: How often maybe you have witnessed, local residents, seek, unrealistic, pie – in – the – sky, solutions, perhaps, with the expense of the top, realistic, pragmatic approach? For example, although communities have empty storefronts, and also other challenges? Instead of researching ways to make changes, productively, many look for the past! The world evolves, and simply, if we do so, wisely, can we preserve the cabability to adapt, and survive, vibrantly! Too many perceive their wish – lists, as reality! Instead of refusing any possibilities, perhaps it would be wiser, to contemplate ways, to compromise, seeking a conference of the minds, to the common good? Demand modifications and solutions to reach agreement, rather than, refusing to proceed having a positive, can – do, attitude, with an open -mind, for your greater good! Unless / until, communities ensure economic viability, inside a sane way, we’ll be unsuccessful, etc!
    2. Regional: Wouldn’t It be the better choice, to handle the most relevant issues, proactively, including infrastructure, sustainable jobs, meaningful medical, issues of safety, and dealing together, for your greater good? Only when regions, come together, in a very realistic, quality way, can we all benefit!
    3. State: What are States Rights, and why is it that they matter? How many more must die before we use some sound judgment and consider, sane, gun control and safety? We register cars, and license cars, so, you should, guns etc, inside a way, which protects everyone, from those, unfit, to hold guns?
    4. National: We must address how, elections and voting, happens! Is the Electoral College, still relevant or fair? Why do we let the filibuster to master the Senate? Can we afford to delay?
    5. International: While national leaders must protect their countries, unless / until, nations band together on issues for instance Climate Change and environmental protection, the earth is at – risk!

    We must become better and wiser! The must occur, sooner, as an alternative to later!

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    Scottish Missionary and Explorer

    David Livingstone (19 March 1813 – 1 May 1873) was obviously a Scottish physician, pioneer, Christian missionary, African explorer and anti-slavery crusader who became the most popular British heroes with the late 19th-century, Victorian era through his pursuit to reach new peoples inside interior of Africa through “Christianity, commerce, and civilization”.

    Livingstone advocated to the establishment of British commercial trade, colonial expansion and religious missions in central Africa that will displace the slave trade performed by the Portuguese.

    His explorations ultimately, contributed towards the “Scramble for Africa” and African nationalism.

    Early Background

    David Livingstone was considered one of seven children who lived in one room within the mill city of Blantyre, Scotland, inside a tenement building to the workers of any cotton factory for the banks with the River Clyde.

    In 1823, in the age of ten, he was employed from the cotton mill of Henry Monteith & Co. in Blantyre Works where he with the exceptional brother John worked 14-hour workdays as piecers, tying broken cotton threads around the spinning machines.


    His zeal for education inspired him to wait Blantyre village school, along with mill children, despite his long work hours, to increase his future job prospects.

    Livingstone’s work experiences inside the cotton mill from ages 10 to 26 to back up his poor family taught him to persevere against all odds and the man developed a natural empathy effortlessly who labor and endure.

    An appeal by British and American churches in 1834 for qualified medical missionaries in China made Livingstone determined to pursue that profession while still working inside mill.

    He began lowering costs to enter Anderson’s University, Glasgow in 1836 (now University of Strathclyde), together with attending Greek and theology lectures on the University of Glasgow.

    In 1838, he was accepted through the London Missionary Society (LMS) for be employed in China and began studies in medical practice, midwifery, and botany for the Charing Cross Hospital Medical School along with Ongar, Essex to build up his missionary training.

    He qualified being a Licentiate with the Faculty (now Royal College) of Physicians and Surgeons of Glasgow on 16 November, 1840 and appeared an Honorary Fellow on the Faculty, on 5 January 1857.

    Early Influences

    The Opium War were only available in 1839 and lasted until 1842 which made China missions difficult.

    A speech in 1840, by Robert Moffat, Scottish, Congregationalist missionary in southern Africa and his awesome future father-in-law, convinced him that Africa was where he should serve.

    He seemed to be influenced by abolitionist, T.F. Buxton’s arguments the African slave trade may be destroyed over the influence of “legitimate trade” along with the spread of Christianity.

    On November 20, 1840, he was ordained being a missionary and hang sail for Cape Town South Africa, then arranged for Kuruman station where Moffat had worked on the list of Bechuana people.

    Expeditions in Africa

    David Livingstone undertook three major African expeditions and through his travels, he designed a reputation like a dedicated Christian, a courageous explorer, plus a dedicated antislavery advocate.

    He treated the natives with respect, as well as the tribes he visited, returned his respect with faith and loyalty.

    In January, 1845, David Livingstone married Mary Moffat (12 April 1821 – 27 April 1862) who has been the daughter of Scottish missionary, Robert Moffat.

    Mary spent her formative years at Kuruman station and her familiarity with several African languages helped their missionary travels throughout the African interior.

    First Expedition

    In 1849, he traveled to Lake Ngami with William Cotton Oswell and reached the top of the Zambezi River for your first time in 1851.

    In 1853, he made his purpose clear: “I shall throw open a path in the interior, or perish.”

    From 1853-56 his expedition crossed southern Africa everywhere where he discovers the spectacular waterfall that he named Victoria Falls to honor Queen Victoria in 1855.

    Livingstone returned to England in 1856 and received a hero’s welcome, a gold medal from your Royal Geographic Society, an honorary doctorate from Oxford University as well as a private audience with Queen Victoria.

    Second Expedition

    On his second expedition, Livingstone discovers Lake Malawi and reached the mouth on the Zambezi River as to what is now Mozambique about the Indian Ocean in May, 1856.

    The Zambezi River linked the Portuguese colonies of Angola and Mozambique who have been supplying slaves to Brazil, who therefore sold these to Cuba plus the United States.

    Following the death of his wife in 1862 plus the loss of his assistants, Livingstone uttered his famous quote: “I am able to go anywhere, provided or not it’s forward.”

    Third Expedition

    The third expedition of 1866-73, he explored central Africa to try to find the source with the Nile.

    On locating the Lualaba River he mistakenly concluded it turned out the high part on the Nile River.

    Henry Morton Stanley

    From 1866, Livingstone lost experience of the outside world and also the London Daily Telegraph and New York Herald created transatlantic venture to send out journalist, Henry Morton Stanley to Africa to locate him.

    Stanley found Livingstone alive near Lake Tanganyika in October 1871, greeting him using the now famous quote, “Dr Livingstone, I presume?”

    With these four words, David Livingstone became immortal.

    Livingstone answered: “Yes, and I feel thankful that I am here to invite you.”

    On March 14, 1872, Stanley departed for England pleading unsuccessfully, for Livingstone to send back with him.


    Livingstone became increasingly ill and took his final breaths while kneeling in prayer at his bedside from internal bleeding caused by dysentery and malaria on May 1, 1873, in the age of 60, in Chief Chitambo’s Village, near Lake Bangweulu, North Rhodesia (now Zambia).

    Britain wanted Livingstone’s body so it can have a proper ceremony, even so the tribe cut his heart out and hang a note about the body in spite of this, “You might have his body, but his heart belongs in Africa!”

    His heart was buried within a Mvula tree at the spot where he died with the exceptional body was mummified

    His body with the exceptional journal, were carried spanning a thousand miles (1,600 km) by his loyal attendants, Chuma and Susi, to your coastal city of Bagamoyo to get returned to Britain.

    Henry Stanley would be a pallbearer at Livingstone’s funeral.

    His remains were interred at Westminster Abbey using the inscription on his tomb reading, “Brought by faithful hands over land and sea,”

    His exploration journey’s vastly increased geographical familiarity with central and southern Africa and enabled large regions being mapped.