Benefits to Macros For Games

Bots and Macro’s in MMORPG’s aren’t illegal

The first and most asked question is, “is it illegal to use macro’s or bots when playing an online game?” Well the answer is NO. While it may be against the End user license agreement (EULA) it is in no way illegal. These eula’s are set in place to allow the game developers to ban an account for use of any third party software although they cannot press charges due to it.

So do keep in mind that if you have worked hard to get an account to the standing or the avatar to a certain level using a bot or macro can result in your account and even IP address being banned from ever playing the game again.

Bots are programs that allow a player of a game to get advantages over others within the game and or play the game while away from the keyboard. These bots are usually written by players of a particular game to make it easier for them to gain levels or farm items. Bots and macros are pretty close in the fact that they both accomplish a task without having to physically do it. Macro’s on the other hand are usually a script that repeats a task over and over again without any thought or reason. Macro’s can click a certain spot on your screen over and over while a bot may be able to see that a color has changed and that means to attack a creature.

When downloading bots and macro’s there is also a great risk in trojans, spyware, and other virus software. Please always keep in mind that when downloading these programs that you have scanned them properly or know that you are getting them from a reputable website.