WOTLK Gold Farming Guide – Useful Tips To Farm Gold in WoW

A WOTLK gold farming guide is the best way to get the money you need in WoW fast and easy. Players have always tried all sorts of ways to make the gold they need in the game. But only the most experienced players have managed to find good spots and ways to make some cash. Which they either turned into a gold guide, or just bragged about them on forums and such so everyone found out about them.

When the WOTLK expansion came, I was just getting the hang of making some money in The Burning Crusades content. So it was really annoying. I had to level up my character another ten levels. But I did it and then I needed gold. Knowing what I went through the previous expansions, I just started using a WOTLK gold farming guide. I didn’t want to waste any more time with gold farming.

Using the guide, I got really good at PvE and also PvP. The guide was really good and I started seeing some tips from it. Using those tips, I was able to amass quite a wealth. Here are those tips:

– Don’t bother farming gear and trash loot. Concentrate on getting crystallized elements and other crafting resources. These sell really well on any server out there.

– Make sure you have your inventory empty when going to farm. That way you won’t have to got to sell things every 10 minutes.

– Gather and mine everything you see and can. There are always resources around spots that need to be taken. They bring a very good bonus to your over all profit.

– Get a good PvE fit for your character. Don’t try and invent your own little train. The ones you can find all over the web are the ones you need to use.

– Don’t settle on just one spot. Use as many spots as you can to get a large variety of items. That way you cover more ground and make a lot more money than by killing in one single spot.

– Watch the market and see what items are less. Go farm those and put them for sale for a really high price.

You will see that it is easy to make gold in WoW. These tips will help anyone get an idea of what they need to do to start making gold like the pros do. Now I don’t have to worry about not having gold to buy potions or mounts or any other types of items. So it is up to you. If you want to keep struggling to make money in the game, ignore these tips. If not, then use them. They will help you, even if you are not using a WOTLK gold farming guide.

Gold Guide – Discover the Best Farming Locations

Farming can be described as the act of killing one or a few type of monster in an area to earn its gold or loots; this method is considered old fashioned and relatively easy, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t get lots of gold from it. With a good gold farming guide, you’ll know the most profitable locations, zones, or instances to farm; the fastest techniques to finish the mob and earn your loots; and the best class to do it.

This is not a detailed gold farming guide, but I’ll try to reveal as much as I can. If you just created your character, it is impossible to farm effectively, so go and grab a couple of quests, earning experience, gain several copper or silver, and get your character to level 15.

Once you hit level 15, it is depend on your faction. If you are an Alliance character, go to Defias Windmill, you’ll find it at Gold Coast area in Westfall. There are a lot of Defias mobs around the windmill that drop linen cloth and other good humanoid loot. These mobs are around level 12, so it should be easy to finish them; the spawn rate also pretty high, so you don’t have to worry about running out of mobs to kill.

If you are in Horde faction, you can go to The Barrens and start killing Great Plainstrider. It has pretty high chance to drop Light Feather, which is sold well at the AH. It also have some chance to drop adequate weapons and armors like Native Sash or Fire Wand.

An iron rule in early level farming is always keep your bag empty as much as possible; you can do it by selling all your trash whenever you find a vendor. If by chance you find your bag full and can’t find any vendor nearby, throw away any trash items and keep the one that has higher value.

These are some good farming spots for higher level character:

1. Alterac Mountains in Eastern Kingdoms; kill Elemental Slave here, they have slight chances to drop elemental earth that sell well at the Auction House.

2. Scarlet Monastery Graveyard in Trisfal Glades; look for Unfettered Spirit here, they are easy to kill compared to the other mobs and have fair drops.

3. The Badlands in Eastern Kingdoms; find normal Rock Elemental for lots of grey loots such as Lifeless Stone and Jagged Piece of Stone.

4. Searing Gorge in Eastern Kingdom; kills the elites here and get your Mageweave Cloth.

5. Felwood in Kalimdor; find the Deadwoods as they drop silver, Living Essences, rare herb, and major healing potions.

6. Shalzaru’s Lair at the northern end of the Isle of Dread; get the Nagas here for Golden Pearl drops.

7. Deadwind Pass in Eastern Kingdoms; get Deadwind Ogre Mage for Runecloth drop.

8. Arklon Ruins in Netherstorm, Outland; the Artifac Seeker drops Mark of Sargeras while the Fellblade Doomguard can give you Fel Armament.

9. Dragonblight in Northrend; start from Venomspite and make your way south to the shore while farm every humanoid mobs that you encounter to get gold and various loots.

10. Wintergrasp in Northrend; ready for some challenge? This PvP zone will make farming even more difficult, but you’ll find various Revenant here that drop Crystallized Air, Water, Shadow, Fire, and Earth.

There are a lot of other farming spots that offer you good gold per hour rate; you only need to know what to kill and the fastest method to do so.

LOTRO Gold Farming Guide

Are your gold reserves running dry? You can’t find the time to attend to some raids for some gold? Don’t know where to get some gold? If that is the case then do not despair, there are many like you. Lucky there are things out there that can help you, like a LOTRO gold farming guide. A guide such as that can be the answer you have been looking for.

I am going to demonstrate how a LOTRO gold farming guide can help you by writing one here. The spot I’m about to share with you has been one of my favourites and used it with success many times. The only down side is that the mobs are level 46-47, but I don’t think that will be a problem with the extra ten levels we got with the Moria update.

The spot in question is called ONGBISHUK, it’s an orc camp south-east of Angmar, just North of Gabilshathur. Pretty easy to get to. They usually are in groups so you have to be prepared to fight 2-3 at the same time, besides that there are some who roam as well, a safe spot where you can kill them would be that pile of tree trunks on the left as you enter the camp. The mobs there are Blogmal Skirmisher (ranged), Blogmal Defiler (caster/healer type), Blogmal Warrior (melee, they disarm). You can find more details about them in a LOTRO gold farming guide. The trick is which mobs to kill, for example, don’t attack one melee orc and one caster one, unless your a good damage dealer, the melee orc will disarm you while the other one will heal like crazy. You can attack a skirmisher and a warrior at the same time, just make sure you don’t let the skirmisher use his bow. The spot has a 3-4 minutes respawn rate, so if you go there when level 45 or 46, if you are careful, you can make loads of XP too.

After about 1 hour of killing you should have, depending on how fast you can kill and how many have you killed, about 400 silver pieces and 4 bags full of loot. The item would be Orc Campaign-medallions (reputation item), War-master’s Lashes (reputation item), Legendary Pages, Beryls, Undeciphered Moon-letters, Long-lost Second Age Texts, Single Use Recipes and some yellow items plus some trash loot. Depending, again, on how many you have killed, you should make around  2.5 gold if you put the items on the AH for sale. The trash loot gets sold to a NPC merchant of course. The mobs being orcs, can also drop purple stuff too, so that means more gold for you.

I hope this will help, even though it wasn’t as detailed as a LOTRO gold farming guide can be, I’m sure it will still help. I have to repeat this, I killed there with a ranger and got those drops, if you have a better class than mine, then the reward will be greater than mine and vice versa. A few good hours of farming there and you’ll be alright to buy whatever you want.

WoW Grinding Gold Guide – 3 Long-Shot Grinding Spots In World Of Warcraft

The brief grinding gold guide for World of Warcraft that I’m going to illustrate next is based on long shot gold making methods. And what I want to say here, is that you need a little bit of luck to get the rare pets that can be found at the next 3 spots.

However, if you’re a skinner, your time won’t be totally wasted if you choose one of these 3 spots as your gold grinding destination. The mobs you’re going to grind on can be skinned for various types of leather. So, what to farm for and where?

1. Lethlor Ravine. The 1st spot I want to review in this short grinding gold guide is situated in eastern Badlands. There are plenty of Scalding Whelplings at the spot, 31 to be more accurate. They have the chance to drop a rare non-combat per, the Dark Whelpling. Even if you don’t get this pet, skinning these mobs you will get plenty of Thick and Heavy Leather which usually sells pretty well. These dragonkin mobs also drop Small Flame Sacs, ingredients used to cook Dragonbreath Chili, a very fun to use food, especially for PvP.

2. Itharius’s Cave. This place is in Swamp of Sorrows, in the southwestern corner. The mobs you’re going to grind on are actually not inside the cave, but all over the area in front of the cave. They are called Adolescent and Dreaming Whelps and they have the chance to drop the Tiny Emerald Whelpling, which sells for up to 2000g. This pet is so expensive because the whelps that drop it aren’t very many and if you choose this spot to grind, you will have to wait a while until they respawn. These mobs can be skinned and drop Heavy and Medium Leather.

3. Direforge Hill. The last place I’m going to point out in this brief grinding gold guide is in Wetlands, the middle area of Wetlands, to be more precise. There are 4 types of whelps here: Red, Crimson, Lost and Flamesnorting Whelps. They all can drop the Tiny Crimson Whelpling and by skinning them you will receive Light and Medium Leather.

Now, I have to warn you about this! Regardless of the professions your toon has, you can go and grind on the whelps at the locations I mentioned above. But if you don’t get the rare pets, without the skinner professions this will be a waste of time. So, if you really want to learn a few solid gold grinding methods, you should check a complete grinding gold guide for World of Warcraft.