Farming Gold in WOTLK – The Best Items To Farm in Northrend

Want to start farming gold in WOTLK but don’t know where to start? It can be difficult to make money in a new expansion, since not everyone knows everything about it. You can always stick to farming stuff from other areas. But since Northrend is the newest one, you will want to stay here. Mainly because people will be here too, so they will need items found in this area.

When I wanted to start farming gold in WOTLK, I didn’t know what to go for. Should I kill mobs and loot them, or should I hunt rare mobs and bosses? This has always been a problem in WoW for me.

There are so many things you can do to make gold. But not all of them work in all the areas of the game. It’s like every zone has it’s own way to make gold. Until you find those, you won’t make too much of it.

When it comes to Wrath of the Lich King expansion, I found that certain items sell best. These are crafting resources. These always sell, no matter what type you get. The ones in Northrend sell even better. The easiest to get are the ones you can gather.

Keep an eye out for Saronite, Cobalt and Titanium Ore, these are the Mining resources that are the most valuable. Other materials you should look out for are Icethorn and Lichbloom flowers. These are very sought after because when you gather them, you can get a Frostlotus. A flower used in pretty much every aspect of crafting.

If you want to add to those materials, look for spots that have elemental mobs and farm them for Eternal elements. Look for a spot that is near some Mining nodes and flower spawn points and you will make a lot of money.

If you find a good spot, you can make a lot of gold with two hours of farming each day. You just have to remember to move fast and make the most of the time you have. Don’t worry about your items not getting sold. Because they will, very fast. You can also keep your loot until there aren’t many on the AH and then put them for sale for higher prices. That’s all you need to start farming gold in WOTLK.

Farming Gold WOTLK – How To Farm Gold In Northrend Without Getting Bored

Farming gold WOTLK is boring business. Especially if you are on a PvE server. Players usually go to a single spot and stay there to farm their hearts out. While that might work just fine, you can do better. You can make more gold than other people, and you won’t get bored as much as them. But you will have to waste more time while farming. In the end, you will see that’s worth it.

I always hated staying in one spot and keep killing mobs. I could never last for more than 20 minutes. I would stay focused and kill mobs really fast, but then I always get distracted and lose interest. So instead of fighting this, I decided to use to my advantage.

The new WOTLK area is very large and is full of all sorts of mobs and also resources. So I started looking for a way to start farming gold WOTLK without getting bored and still be effective. After a lot of looking around and testing some spots, it hit.

Why should you stick to farming in just one spot? Why not use more spots to make gold. So I started simply roaming an area, and kill mobs and also gather everything I could. In Wintergrasp, for instance, you can find several spots that give Eternal elements or crystallized ones. Not only that, but there are a lot of flowers, ore and clouds that could be harvested.

In time, I put together a route, in my mind, that within two hours or so, got me a whole bunch of loot. From crystallized fire to cloth and so on. You also need to have two gathering skills. They will only add on your profits.

On such a run, I usually make around 900g in 2 hours. Not too bad considering that I don’t stay too long in one place and the time passes really quick. I will even meet enemy players and have fun with them whenever I need some action. You can make gold in WoW without having to grind for hours, this proves it. You just have to know the best way to start farming gold WOTLK.

Best Farming Spots – Cliche But Powerful Method to Massing Your Wealth in Northrend

There are many ways to make gold in WoW, including the popular Auction House, crafting or gather something, etc. But apparently, most of us still favor the most cliche method to make gold in all MMOPRG: farming.

Bashing monsters while earning gold is a great way to testing your skill and gear while having fun at the same time. These are some spots you can visit in Northrend:

1. The Storm Peaks


– Scion of Storm (level 78); have 33% chances to drop Relic of Ulduar, 26% chances for Crystallized Air.

– Seething Revenant (level 79); have 34% chances to drop Relic of Ulduar, 26% chances for Crystallized Fire.

– Icebound Revenant (level 78); have 22% chances for Crystallized Water.

– Nascent Val’kyr (level 78); have 100% chances to drop Dissolved Soul Essence, 0.5% chances for Fractured Scarlet Ruby.

– Valkyrion Aspirant (level 74); have 29% chances to drop Frostweave Cloth, 41% chances for Relic of Ulduar.

2. Wintergrasp (PvP territory)


– Tempest Revenant (level 80); have 100% chance to drop Crystallized Air.

– Water Revenant (level 80); have 99% chances to drop Crystallized Water.

– Shadow Revenant (level 80); have 99% chances to drop Crystallized Shadow.

– Flame Revenant (level 80); have 99% chances to drop Crystallized Fire.

– Earthbound Revenant (level 80); have 100% chances to drop Crystallized Earth.

Note that these mobs can only be seen with the ‘Essence of Wintergrasp’ buff.

3. Icecrown


– Converted Hero (level 79); have 40% chances to drop Frostweave Cloth. They come in pack with about six mobs per pack, so if you can round them up and kill them quickly you will get nice gold per hour rate.

Note: before you get start, check the items prices at your realm first; that way you can go for the one that offer maximum profits.

Northrend Gold Farming Spots – The Best 5 World of Warcraft Locations in WotLK to Farm Gold

Not many players like to share their best Northrend gold farming spots because, let’s face it, no one likes to share a spot with other players. There are so many places to farm gold in WotLK that most players don’t even know about. Therefore, to help everyone a little bit, I’m going to share here in a few words, my favorite Northrend gold farming spots.

1. Cauldron of Flames. This spot is located in southeastern Wintergrasp. It’s a zone with fire elemental mobs that drop Crystallized Fire, items that you can combine to make Eternal Fire. Also, there are a few Cinder Clouds in this area and if you’re an engineer you can extract more Crystallized Fire from these clouds. Although the respawn rate of the fire elementals is a bit low, this is one of the best places to farm Crystallized Fire in Northrend.

2. Gimorak’s Den. You can find this cave in the middle area of Storm Peaks. There are plenty of wolves and Jormungar worms inside the cave. They drop meats used in cooking and they also can be skinned for Borean Leather and Jormungar Scales. Of course, the scales drop from the worms only. If you’re a skinner, you will occasionally find Arctic Fur when skinning these beasts.

3. Onslaught Harbor. This is one of the Northrend gold farming spots that I prefer because I’m a tailor. There are many humanoid mobs here that drop Frostweave Cloth and since I have the passive skill Northern Cloth Scavenging, i can get a lot more cloth scraps than other players. However, if you choose this spot as your farming destination, you’d better keep an eye out because this is a daily quest zone and you can get attacked by an enemy player that comes for here to complete those quests.

4. Valkyrion. This spot is in western Storm Peaks. The Nascent Val’kyrs at these camp have 100% chances to drop Dissolved Soul Essence. These are grey items which you just may neglect and destroy, but they have a very high vendor value. Each essence costs 65s and since every Val’kyr drops one, you can make a lot of gold just by selling these junk items to a vendor.

5. The Lake at Blue Sky Logging Grounds. This is one of the best Northrend gold farming spots for fishing. This lake is in northern Grizzly Hills and is quite rich in Glacial Salmon, a type of fish needed by cooks for the Fish Feast raiding food. Sometimes, you can sell these fish for up to 60-70g per stack. I also got the super cool Sea Turtle mount by fishing in one of the Glacial Salmon Schools here.

I hope that you will make some money at these Northrend gold farming spots I have described in this article. However, these are just 5 of the best spots in Northrend, so if you would like to learn about many others, I strongly recommend the WoW gold guide I’ve been using.

Gold Grinding Spots – Grind Quick Gold in Northrend at Level 80 and Below

Gold is always a concern for every Warcraft player whether it’s for a flying mount or for an epic piece of gear, gold is without a doubt the most crucial component in WoW since it first released, much like in the real world, gold makes WoW go round.


While there are hundreds of time tested methods of making gold in WoW perhaps the funnest method is grinding. I know, grinding doesn’t sound fun at first, but when you start to see your bank account grow at a ridiculous rate the fun really starts to build up.


The key to grinding out gold in Northrend, as well as any other zone, is to find an area with the following:

1. Mobs that carry gold. Generally humanoids are the best


2. Mobs that can be killed quickly. This usually is more of a level issue, a good rule of thumb is to go at stuff that is three or four levels below you. The reason you do this is because it’s easier to kill large groups without taking on to much damage and downtime.


3. Mobs that drop a variety of items. From grey items to blue items everything in Northrend is worth something. Even a lowly grey broken sword will get you 2-3 gold and if you can get 5 of those in less than 30 minutes that’s an easy 15 gold on top of everything else you’ll get.


4. Groups of quickly regenerating mobs. The faster they respawn the quicker you can kill them and take their gold.


Keeping these four things in mind perhaps the best grinding spot for quick gold in Northrend can be found just south of Venomspire in Dragonblight. The area is chalk full of humanoid mobs and they are of a relatively low level.


The simplest way to capitalize on this area is to hop on your ground mount run around the first courtyard area and then dismount and dispatch the 8-15 mobs that come at you. Once these guys are down and you’ve looted the gold an money from them, jump back on your ground mount head further south to the next area of grouped humanoids. You can generally find 8-10 along the coast line near a grouping of tents. From there head on to the ship with the burning sails and AOE till you’re blue in the face to kill another 10-15 mobs. By the time you’re done with the mobs on the boat you should be able to retrace your steps back up the hill you just came down from. I’ve literally killed 100’s of mobs in this area in 20 minutes and received ample gold.


Grinding for gold in WOTLK doesn’t have to be a horrible experience especially if the rate of return is very high. This is just one grinding spot and one method of getting gold in WOTLK, there are many more out there some of them returning a much better rate of gold per hour. Happy hunting.