How About America’s Future?

The most ironic aspect, or former President Trump’s. Make America Great Again, slogan, was, perhaps, deficiency of agreement, regarding, what that meant, and, the impact, of utilizing, your message, again, within that statement! Using that, specific word, generally seems to imply, this nation is/ was, will no longer, great, and also, looking back, and seeing things, in black – and – white, revisionist thinking, believing, Happy Days, truly, occurred, in years past! Although, I find, many issues with this approach, and thought – process, anyway, disturbing and concerning, I believe, it serves a constructive purpose, to take into account, whether, there we were, actually, great, and, if, one of the past President’s actions and behaviors, produced difference, for that better, with this nation, and its particular citizens. With, that at heart, this document will attempt to think about, examine, review, and discuss, just what it means, with regards to our past, present, and future.

  1. Was it?: When considering, perhaps the nation, was great, it is important to contemplate, what meaning, in actual terms! Was this, in comparison to other nations, or even our Constitional guarantees, and/ or, all the different parts of our history? What, exactly, did our Founding Fathers, seek, since, many elements of their discussions, often, in – retrospect, are not appearing, consistently, honorable, etc? What period, do a little people, need to return to: founding to pre – Civil War; following that until the 1960’s; various decades, thereafter, etc?
  2. Is it, today?: Whether, were great, today, often, is determined by, who you are! How is it possible, to become great, when, we witness, a lot, systemic racism, in most aspects, individuals lives? Although, we’d like, to get, and feel, safe, and wish, professional, police/ policing, and meaningful laws (to defend, all). statistics indicate, people – of – color, are, often, treated, far differently! It seems obvious, better – off, financially, is, the greater, the judicial and legal systems, treat him! This may seem to be true, in several areas of the lives, including: housing; occupations; public safety and health; education, and educational quality; and health/ medical care bills!
  3. Future?: If, we have been to leave this planet, properly, to our children and grandchildren, we should, proceed, in a very truly, sustainable, proactive manner, especially, when it comes to, addressing, Climate Change ramifications, and environmental protections! We must insist, all of our so – called, protected rights/ freedoms, are viewed as, and enforced, instead of, merely, selectively! We will only, progress, in a very way, we end up needing, deserve, and really should be proud of, if/ when, we end the partisan politics, and seek, a celebration – of – the – minds, for your greater good!

Wake up, America, and consider, what, greatness, really means as well as? Will you demand, better, and even more, from those, we elect, into your future?

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