Nation Must FIND Its Way?

Many, that have, consistently, been satisfied with, as a possible American, due to rights and freedoms, it represents, as well as the example, we’ve, previously, set, to the rest – of – the – world, feel, this lost – nation, has lost – its – way, and must, sooner, in lieu of later, FIND its way, while we are to restore, ourselves, to your land – of – the – free! There seems, to become, an increased degree of polarization, and division, today, than any time, in recent memory! In the past – four years, in the administration of President Donald Trump, we’ve got witnessed, an apparent effort, to stack – the – courts, selectively enforce freedoms, and rights, and appeal, to, xenophobia, as an alternative to providing, a sense unity! Many, including me, find this set – of – events, at – best, as concerning, and, at – worst, a definite, and provide danger, to your way, the united states proceeds forward, and considers, our Constitutional rights and guarantees! With, that in your mind, the following paragraphs will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, utilizing the mnemonic approach, what this implies and represents, and why it matters.

  1. Face facts; freedoms; future; furnish; fruition; feelings: We can’t succeed, unless, our public leaders, and elected officials, face – the – facts, in the realistic, focused way, and pursues, furnishing, the most beneficial – path, forward! We only benefit, if/ when, protecting and enhancing the whole freedoms, is often a top – priority! Instead of seeking, slogan – based, leadership, for instance, Make American Great Again, we’ve got to emphasize adopting the finest – possible, future, and bringing this greatness, to – fruition! Instead of, negatively, popular with negative feelings, wouldn’t our country benefit, when the priorities, emphasized, solutions, that have been relevant, and sustainable, in addition to viable?
  2. Integrity; insights; involve; inspire; ideology; ideals; ideas: Wouldn’t it be nice, if those, we elect, proceeded, with absolute integrity? What does america, stand – for, as we don’t protect, the conventional ideologies, and ideals, and involved, fairly, our citizens? Wake up, Americans, and proceed, with rational – insights, which inspire, and unify, rather then polarize, etc! Demand those public officials, think – outside – the – box, and introduce viable ideas, which can make us, better, plus more, align with all the nation, our Founding Fathers, envisioned!
  3. Needs; nerve: We’ll only advance, if/ when, those elected, proceed using the nerve, to proceed, with the open – mind, as opposed to the same – old, same – old, and sought to treat the needs, goals, perceptions, and priorities, of the, inside a fair, equitable manner!
  4. Delve deeply; deliberate; discover; details: We must begin, to think about the bigger – picture, as well as the best path, forward, delving – deeply, into your options and alternatives! While, timely action, is essential, it has to also be, well – considerate, careful, and deliberate! It is doing this, we’ll discover, the facts, and select, the best way, to offer the nation’s. and, all of our citizens, needs, etc!

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